Bee Humble Apiaries is a small family run operation specializing in quality apitherapy and aromatherapy products. Our mission is to provide some of the finest bee products available. We are always striving toward a sustainable model, from the apiary site on our land, to the unique hand crafted products we produce.

We are excited about sharing nature’s medicine chest with you and your families!

It matters what we put into and onto our bodies. We make an effort to walk softly and we care very deeply about the bees and their well being! We remain committed to selling high quality remedies that are skillfully formulated, and made exclusively from the best natural and sustainable ingredients that are at the heart of our products.

Our vision is to grow, our aim is excellence, and our means is nature.

We are on a path, reviving ancient healing techniques using honey bee products, herbs, syrups and salves with uncompromised style and versatility. Our honey herbal infusions have the strength of medicine yet will compliment any culinary dish! We also provide potent and effective cold care and skin care products. We make carefully blended small batches with only the finest organically grown or ethically wild crafted flowers and herbs as the time honored method of traditional herbalist. These products are excellent and made with the highest integrity.

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