Benefits of Clary Sage

The therapeutic property of Clary sage essential oil in skincare include that of being an astringent, as well as antiseptic and anti-bacterial. It also balances the production of sebum, and eliminates over-dry or over-oily skin.

It also acts as a tonic on the skin and has a mild effect on encouraging cell regeneration.

Clary sage essential oil is extracted from Salvia sclarea of the Labiatae family, and is also known as clary, clary wort, muscatel sage, clear eye, see bright and eye bright (but not to be confused with the common herb also called eyebright (Euphrasia)) and is used to balance sebum production and to promote a fresh, young looking skin.

In the middle ages it was known as “Oculus Christi” meaning the “Eye of Christ” and was primarily used for clearing mucus from the eye.

A clear to pale yellow essential oil, clary sage has a sweet, nutty fragrance, somewhat herbaceous.

The main chemical components of Clary sage are linalool, linalyl acetate, a-terpineol, caryophyllene, alpha-terpineol, geraniol, and neryl acetate, sclareol and germacrene D.

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