Salves (also called ointments or unguents) are medicinal ointments made from an herbal oil and beeswax. Salves don’t contain many water-soluble components that fungi and bacteria can feed on, so they tend to be more stable than creams.

We provide potent and effective skin care products.

We make carefully blended small batches with only the finest organically grown or ethically wild crafted flowers and herbs in the time honored method of the traditional herbalist.

Salves are semi solid fatty herbal mixtures normally prepared for external healing mixtures. They soften when applied to the skin, and provide a healing, emollient, protective, nourishing or counter-irritant effect. Upon application it delivers a notably intense cloud of aromatic vapors. Body heat melts the wax and the oil fosters quick absorption of the plants medicinal constituents into the skin.

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